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This is the "Metadata" page of the "Introduction to LibGuides CMS (v1)" guide.
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This group's documentation site is shut down.

As of 12pm EST on February 28, 2018, all LibGuides sites will be using v2.

See our v2 documentation for more on how to use LibGuides v2.

Introduction to LibGuides CMS (v1)   Tags: welcomecg  

Getting started with creating your content in the system.
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What is the Metadata tab for when looking at Change Guide Information?

LibGuides CMS

only feature

LibGuides & LibGuides CMS include a full set of standard & Dublin Core metadata by default, based on your guide's information: title, description, authors, etc.

This Metadata area allows our LibGuides CMS customers to do more!

arrowExample of Default Metadata, Based on This Guide:

metadata included on all LibGuides pages

What might you do with this additional Metadata area?

  • Additional tags to improve your guide's search ranking in search engines;
  • Add tags specific to your search aggregator;
    (Will work as long as those aggregators are indexing your site by crawling it, not currently available via XML export.)
  • For internal purposes! You can sort/filter guides on the Guide Index screen using Metadata.
    • Working on overhauling your guides? Tag the guides that need updating, then un-tag them when you're done!
    • Want to unpublish guides on a certain date (like course guides)? Tag those guides with a unique identifier, filter by that identifier on that date, and boom! Easy way to make sure you unpublish all of those guides right from the Guide Index screen.

Have other ideas on ways you'd like to use guide metadata?
Let us know at support@springshare.com


Adding Guide Metadata

  1. Go to Guide Settings > Change Guide Information > Metadata
  2. Give the Metadata field a name.
  3. Add Content for that Metadata field.

What's that checkbox for?

The checkbox will add that metadata to the source code for the public pages on your guide.

So, if you're using Metadata to add more metadata tags to your pages for search indexing purposes, make sure you check off that box!

If you're using Metadata for Guide Index filtering, leave it unchecked.


Guide Index Filtering

Add Metadata and not check off the box? Here's how you use that for guide filtering:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Guides > All Guides Index
  2. Add the Metadata name to the Metadata Value field
  3. Click Apply Filters
  4. If you want, sort the guides using the headings in the table below the filters.

So, using the review example from the screenshot above, I can use the Metadata filter to find all guides with the Metadata field of "review" so I know which guides I need to review!

Once I've reviewed them, I can remove that metadata option in the guide and it'll disappear from this filtered list.

Guide Index metadata filter


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