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May, 2012
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What do folks do, post-camp, while they're packing up their friendship bracelets and rolling up sleeping bags? Promise to write, of course! Here's our letter to you, a SpringyCamp Virtual Conference newsletter, recapping what we learned at our inaugural virtual conference. In case you hadn't heard, Springshare launched its first ever virtual conference focused on the theme of integration on Friday, April 13th. Campers, from all over the world, had a great time learning about integration within Springshare products and beyond. SpringyCamp4Eva!

So even if weren't able to attend, we're bringing Camp to you. Join us 'round the campfire while we recap what was covered by our Camp Counselors, err Presenters, interview our Spotlight Presenter Michelle Lustig and hear what other Campers had to say!

We're also sharing our favorite SpringyTips & Tricks around the theme of integration. And, drum-roll please, unveiling several Product Updates and giving you an exclusive sneak-peek at some new products coming soon!

Due to the overwhelming success of our first ever virtual conference, we're planning a second SpringyCamp Virtual Conference, Fall 2012. So keep an eye out on our support blog and website for those details.

So, huddle up and grab that bag of marshmallows while we tell 'Tales from Camp!'

The Springshare Team 

SpringyCamp Snapshots Back to Top

Presenter Filmstrip

6 presentations from 7 presenters focused on the topic of integration.

>> From Left to Right


  • Alvin's presentation got you curious? Check out our API/Widget Help Guide.
  • Greg & Lisa rocked the house with CampusGuides as a library website. Interested? Check out why you should upgrade!
  • Be a Data Ninja like Stephanie & Michelle! Get LibAnalytics for *free* and start slicing & dicing your data!
  • David showcased the versatility of LibCal. Got events? Rooms to book? Personal librarian appointments? Take a tour of LibCal and sign-up to get LibCal for *free*!
  • Gabe's presentation got you buzzing about virtual reference? Check out LibAnswers with integrated SMS & Twitter!

Alvin Dantes, SUNY Oneonta

Presented on using the LibGuides API Utility to power their Library Website. Rather than using LibGuides as their website, they used the LibGuides API to make their website easier to manage. Using LibGuides to arrange, assemble, and update website content they then use the LibGuides API, in conjunction with a simple template, to import the data and display it on their website. This allowed for the ease of use of a content management system without having to wait for campus IT.

Greg Sigountos & Lisa Setters, Asbury Theological Seminary

Discussed their use of CampusGuides as the platform for their library website. Outlining how they internally manage their CampusGuides Library Website as well as the division of labor for creating content formed the base of their presentation. Next, they discussed how they approach interaction using CampusGuides to position the library within other areas of academic life.

Stephanie Rollins, Samford University

Got the statistical ball rolling when she outlined LibAnalytics as a tool for capturing Library Instruction Statistics. Dr. Rollins uses LibAnalytics to go beyond numbers, gathering librarian, student & faculty feedback.

Michelle Lustig, Pepperdine University

Shared how Pepperdine University has given many its services a virtual facelift using CampusGuides, LibCal & LibAnalytics. For patrons, their new easy-to-use transformation has been "magical." For library staff, they've been able to reduce workloads at a time when library budgets are shrinking. To read more about Michelle's presentation, check out the Spotlight Presenter section below.

David Hurley, Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Libraries

Discussed innovative uses and interesting integration of LibCal for managing ABC's weekly 80+ library events & programs! David demonstrated how, with help from LibCal's robust API, they are able to integrate their events calendar into all of their virtual touchpoints.

Gabe Gossett, Western Washington University Libraries

Rounding up our stellar lineup, Gabe talked about LibAnswers and inter-departmental collaboration. Focusing on how one mid-sized library system implemented LibAnswers for tracking and managing reference question, Gabe discussed the intricacies of coordinating this inter-departmental effort. Going one step further, they also collaborated with departments not traditionally part of academic libraries, including their writing center and instruction support program.

Watch SpringyCamp Video
Note: Recording may take a few minutes to load. 

Spotlight Presenter: Michelle Lustig Back to Top

Michelle Jacobs-Lustig

Springshare sat down, virtually speaking, with Pepperdine University & SpringyCamp Virtual Conference Presenter Michelle Jacobs-Lustig! We asked about her experiences presenting at SpringyCamp, life at Pepperdine and her thoughts on the future of librarianship.

Q: What made you decide to share your Springshare experiences for SpringyCamp?

We have been so overwhelmingly thrilled with the products and their many applications that I wanted to show others how simple it could be to improve and add more services at their library. I love how the idea behind many of the Springshare tools is community, this felt like a great way to be a bigger part of that.

Q: For those who were not able to attend, can you summarize your presentation?

We have recently upgraded to CampusGuides from LibGuides, the main reasons were the privacy and restriction options as well as the survey tool. Currently we have projects, documents and surveys in several different applications, CampusGuides allows us to streamline the process and provide better access to these tools. The survey feature has been especially useful in gathering information from staff as well as for in-class evaluations of students learning in library instruction sessions.

Pepperdine Room Bookings

LibCal has had a huge impact on our campuses, we have added all of our study rooms to the Room Scheduler. Grad students and undergrads both love having the ability to book rooms online and on their phones. We have put the Room Scheduler behind our EZ proxy so that we do not have people from outside of Pepperdine using our rooms.

We are using LibAnalytics to gather a variety of statistics from reference to library instruction. The tool is easy to use and staff are comfortable with the forms. The forms are easy to create and modify as needed. The statistics are easy to pull up and have helped us move towards a more data-driven culture.

Q: Since you’ve orchestrated three Springy products at Pepperdine, what triumphs or failures can you share that might help others to hit the ground running?

Start off small and add/adjust as you go, the most important thing is to get the system up and to have people contributing to it. This summer I am going to give our system a facelift with a more custom CSS, new graphics and some API’s. If I had tried to do all of that at the launch, it might have been overwhelming. It also gave me a chance to see what improvements would be best for my user group.

Before you launch the system, be sure that you have a clear outline of what you want the look and feel of the guides to be. You will most likely need to send out reminders to your staff about maintaining guides, updating profiles and using the MyScheduler feature in LibCal.

Editor's Note: Setup Reusable Content & Storage Guides for easy reuse!

Down ArrowRead More of Michelle's Interview!

Camper ImpressionsBack to Top

Suzanne Parfitt
Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

A large part of my job involves creating Libguides and I’m always keen to find new ideas to make them interesting for our students, so when I heard there was going to be a ‘Springycamp’ Libguides conference I just had to be there. I have to admit, my heart did sink when I saw the 1am start-time for me in Singapore, but not enough to put me off! So, was it worth staying up most of the night for? Yes! As always with their events, the Springshare team provided a very friendly and well-organised conference and the presenters gave interesting insights into ways in which Libguides and other Springshare products can be integrated to improve and promote library services.

Was it worth staying up most of the night for? Yes!

We are just beginning to explore the use of LibCal so it was very interesting to hear how David Hurley is using LibCal at Albuquerque/Bernalillo Country Libraries to promote their huge range of library programs and events. Greg and Lisa’s presentation included reminders for us to ensure that Libguides are focused on our user’s needs. Alvin Dantes presented on using the API facility to integrate the library elsewhere on the web. This is just a small selection of the useful information which was presented at the Springycamp, making it worth staying awake until 4am!!

Evelyn Greenlaw
University of Southern Maine

Our library has been using LibGuides for a few years now, and we added LibAnswers this past semester.The projects and content that the speakers presented were just what I needed to motivate me.

...I intend to sign up more quickly to avoid the waiting list next year!

The ease of using LibAnalytics to capture instructional statistics (Stephanie Rollins' session) showed me that we need to lose our paper forms fast! Even though we transfer them into Excel, we aren't even asking the right questions! Dare I confess that while Gabe Gossett was presenting, I was frantically taking screen shots? When I saw his View All Topics in LibAnswers, I thought "Yes, I need that!"

Overall, the entire conference was excellent, and I intend to sign up more quickly to avoid the waiting list next year!

Jennifer Sterling
William Penn University

I walked away from the conference thinking, 'I can do this!'.

SpringyCamp was a great experience for me! I’ve always loved looking at the LibGuides that other librarians make and SpringyCamp took it to the next level. My library has been toying with the idea of using LibGuides as our website and after hearing Alvin Dantes and Lisa Sellers talk about the planning and processes their libraries used we are making the jump this summer. And Stephanie Rollins’s presentation has inspired me to use our free instance of LibAnalytics to track our information literacy instruction.

The best part of SpringyCamp was the “behind the scenes” view of what my colleagues are doing with Springshare products. I work at a small library and I loved seeing how other librarians at places just as small use the products to conquer challenges that I share. I walked away from the conference thinking, “I can do this!”.

Amanda Samland
Johnson & Wales University - Denver Campus

For me, being able to experience the inaugural SpringyCamp Conference was a fantastic opportunity to see what other libraries are creating, developing and sharing! The conference included a nice array of presenters from different libraries demonstrating ideas they have implemented within their own systems.

... I love that we don’t have to be a programmer or website developer.

Not only am I inspired to include new features within our own LibGuides system, but I am also reminded of other tools that we have not already implemented or taken full advantage of such as LibAnalytics. With Springshare products, I love that we don’t have to be a programmer or website developer to be able to offer our students and faculty dynamic and engaging tools.

Springy Tips & Tricks - Integration Back to Top

Since SpringyCamp focused on integration, within Springshare products & beyond, our tips focus on integration too!

NewAPI/Widgets Training Session

Sign-up for our newest training session and learn how you can get your content out there using Springy Widgets & APIs!

LibGuides as your Library Website!

Talk about the ultimate integration! These folks have integrated their library websites into their LibGuides system. Put all your resources under one roof - Library Website | A-Z Resource List | LibGuides.
Say hello to a one-stop-resource shop:

Did You Know?

  • You can integrate your Library Catalog in LibGuides?
  • That incorporating forms/surveys is a breeze with CampusGuides?
  • We have a Help Guide on integrating your content in a Learning Management System?
  • Integrating interactive tools in your guides is a great way to address various learning styles?

Question MarkAre you using LibGuides for your library website? Tell us!

Integrate Your Content... Everywhere!

All Springshare products have a built-in API/Widget Utility for getting your content out there and integrated into your other web presences.

LMS Integration

Got Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle, Desire2Learn or any other Learning Management System? Then it's time to integrate your LibGuides content! Here's what you can do!

Point-of-Need Service Integration

Where do your patrons need you? Embed LibAnswers there!

  • Library Website;
  • Facebook;
  • In a LibGuide;
  • In your catalog/databases;
  • ...everywhere!
LibCal Free

Advertise Library Events | Personal Librarian Appointments

  • Does your library have events?
  • Personal Librarian Appointments?
  • Tutoring Services?

FlashlightAdvertise them using the LibCal Widget | API Utility!

Integrate Data Collection - LibAnalytics

Did you know you can use LibAnalytics to gather patron feedback? Collect:

    Free LibAnalytics
  • Website Feedback - Who are your visitors? Did they find what they need? How often do they visit? How would they rate your site?
  • Instruction | Event Feedback - Who are the attendees? Did they enjoy the session? Would they come again? What was the most/least useful thing they learned? How would they rate the program?
  • Resource Evaluation - Which library resources did they use? How would they rate the ease of use? How would they rate their results? How long did it take them to get the answer they needed? Would they use it again?
  • Check out other uses of LibAnalytics!

Product Updates | Coming SoonBack to Top

LibAnswers Update - New Features Are Live!

  • LibAnswers filteringMultiselect on 'Answered By' Filter - In your LibAnswers Knowledge Base Explorer, you can now filter on more than one account holder. Just select the + sign.
  • Add Question Submission Form to your Homepage - Add your Question Form to your LibAnswers homepage - just add the new "Q" option under Homepage Settings.
  • Off-Hours Auto Replies - Specify your LibAnswers system availability. If a user submits a question during your 'off-hours' they'll receive your custom reply in addition to their question being submitted.
  • Privacy Scrub - Now possible to automatically delete all patron email addresses / SMS phone numbers and computer IP addresses from your LibAnswers system. Check out this FAQ to set it up!

LibGuides | CampusGuides Updates

    Box Icons Removed
  • Buh Bye Box Icons - Boxes have undergone a makeover and we've now removed box level icons. Want them back? Here's how.
  • Database A-Z On Top - Reusing links from your A-Z list is even easier. Database A-Z lists are now the top of the list when reusing links.
  • Customize Books from the Catalog Items - We've now added the ability to customize items within a Books from the Catalog box type. Check out this FAQ to learn more.

LibAnswers - Coming Soon...

Integrated Email Module

Patron emails & replies will be routed directly into your LibAnswers systems and out of your inbox! This way, you'll be able to keep track of all your virtual reference interactions in. one. place. What does this mean for you?

  • Statistics - Whether they've tweeted, texted or emailed you, all your stats will be in one place - inside LibAnswers.
  • One Site to Rule Them All - Librarians rejoice! You only have to check one website to answer SMS, Twitter, LibAnswers, LibChat & Email reference questions.
LibChat Beta Preview

LibChat: Real-Time Chat Module

  • Fully integrated into LibAnswers workflow;
  • Setup multiple queues/departments, if needed;
  • Operators can transfer chats to another operator or department queue;
  • Embeddable into any webpage - slide-out, in-page, and button widgets;
  • Customizable canned messages for operators;
  • Full statistics including patron rating;
  • View referring URL/Users's IP & Browser information;
  • Full chat conversation archives;
  • ... And Much More!!!


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