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This is the "Using a Guide as a Template" page of the "Introduction to LibGuides (v1)" guide.
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Introduction to LibGuides (v1)   Tags: welcomelg  

Getting started with creating your content in the system.
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2015 URL: http://help.springshare.com/introlg Print Guide RSS UpdatesEmail Alerts

Using a Guide as a Template Print Page

Using an Existing Guide as a Template

Create New Guide link

Log into your system.

On your Dashboard, choose Create New Guide.
Or click Guides > Create New Guide in the command bar. 

Find the guide you want to copy:

  1. Choose Use an existing guide as a template in the Start Fresh or Use a Template section.
  2. Choose to copy:
    • one of My Guides: a guide you've previously created;
    • a Guide at My Institution: a guide one of your colleagues created;
    • a guide from the Community: a guide from another library altogether.
  3. Either search by the guide title or enter the URL of the guide & click Search.
    Alternately, click the switch to the dropdown list of guides link and choose the guide you want to use from the dropdown.
  4. Click on the guide you'd like to copy.

Searching for a guide to use:
Searching for a guide to use as a template

Searching by URL:
Guide search using the URL of a guide

Drop down list of guides:
Guide drop down option

Next, see the Guide Settings box.                     up arrow


Guide Settings

Guide Settings options

Now that you've chosen the guide you want to copy, fill out the Guide Settings:

  1. Type in your Guide Title,
  2. The other fields are optional, see descriptions below.

    Fill out whichever fields you'd like.
  3. Click Create New Guide.

Optional Fields

Decription The guide description is optional, but it's a good idea to add something. It can help students find the guide (more weight in search rankings than page content) as well as help them understand what's in the guide while browsing.
Redirect URL Leave the Redirect URL blank unless you are planning on using this guide as a placeholder and directing people to your old guide while you create the new one.
More information: http://guidefaq.com/a.php?qid=25090 
Sharing Restriction If you don't wish to allow others to copy your guide (or elements from it), check the Sharing Restriction box.

Watch: Creating New Guides

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