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This is the "Editing/Deleting Boxes" page of the "Introduction to LibGuides (v1)" guide.
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Introduction to LibGuides (v1)   Tags: welcomelg  

Getting started with creating your content in the system.
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2015 URL: http://help.springshare.com/introlg Print Guide RSS UpdatesEmail Alerts

Editing/Deleting Boxes Print Page

Editing Box Content

You'll use 1 of 3 options when editing a box, depending on what box type it is.

As a reminder, here's an example of options in a box:

links box w/options pointed out

Add Text / Edit Text Link

If you're using a Rich Text box, you'll see this link at the bottom of the box.

Every other box type has a rich text portion of the box - the add/edit text link will be toward the top of the box. Or, if you've already added content there, it'll be just below that text.

Remember, for the other box types, you want to add content to the box using the links at the bottom of the box. The top part is for introductory text, etc.

Edit/Delete Icon: edit icon

Found in: Simple Web Links, Links & Lists, Books from the Catalog, Documents & Files, and Dates & Events.

Adding items: Use the link at the bottom of the box to initially add an item. (Add New Link, Add New Book, etc.)

Use this icon to edit or delete the item.

Note: deleting items deletes them and any associated statistics permanently. Please be absolutely sure you want to delete it before using this function.

Add/Edit Link at the Bottom of the Box

For all other box types, there will be a link at the bottom that you click to add...whatever you want to add.

For an RSS Feeds box, for example, it'll say Add RSS Feed.

If you want to edit whatever you added, simply click the link at the bottom again. It will have changed to "Edit" instead of "Add".

Continuing the example above, it'll say Edit RSS Feed.


Editing Box Information

Box edit menuFind a typo in your box title? Want to change box colors for just this one box?

Or...add some code to the box, but forgot a closing tag and the edit link disappeared?

We've got you covered!

Click the edit link in the upper right hand corner of the box. You'll have options to:

  • Edit Box Info
    Change the box title or grab the link or embed code
  • Change Box Colors
    Change the colors for that specific box.
  • Add / Edit Text
    This is a livesaver if you added some stuff to a rich text box or the rich text portion of any other box and all of a sudden can't edit it!
    Brings up the Rich Text Editor.
  • Change Mobile Display
    Decide whether or not this box will show up in the mobile version. 

Deleting Boxes

Found you don't need a box anymore and want to delete it?

Use caution when using this function.

  • The box and any statistics associated with it will be permanently deleted.
  • We cannot reload the content or statistics into the system.

If you're sure you want to delete the box:

  1. Click the edit link in the upper right corner of the box.
  2. Choose Delete This Box.
  3. When asked if you're sure, click OK - only if you're sure.

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