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This is the "Tools" page of the "Introduction to LibGuides (v1)" guide.
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Introduction to LibGuides (v1)   Tags: welcomelg  

Getting started with creating your content in the system.
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2015 URL: http://help.springshare.com/introlg Print Guide RSS UpdatesEmail Alerts

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Where do I find Tools?

Tools menu

The Tools menu is available on the admin side of LibGuides.

If you're not already in that area, click Dashboard, then click the Tools menu.


Widgets & API Utility

Widgets & API calls allow you to get content out of your system and onto other sites!

They update automatically, so there's less maintenance work for you. If you add a new guide to your system that meets the criteria of the widget or API call, that list will automatically update (every 6 hours).

widgets menu

Widgets are lists of guides you can put anywhere. Websites, learning management systems, blogs...anywhere you want to display a list of guides.

They're a set design (created in Flash), so you can't really change anything about them except the color. (Not even using CSS - sorry!)

Check out the Widgets page on our Widgets & API Utility guide for more info on how to create and use them.

API menu

The API Utility will also give you lists, but you have more options for what's included in those lists & you can get other items:

  • lists of guides, subjects, or guide authors;
  • a search box for your site;
  • a user profile;
  • a particular content box from your site;
  • or a tag cloud from your site.

Since these lists are simple lists, you can style them however you want using a little CSS. (Or not, as you choose. ;)

Check out the API Utility pages in our Widgets & API Utility guide to get more info on how to use this awesome utility!


RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

System RSS Feeds allow you (and your users) to stay on top of changes made to your site!

Available feeds:

  • Site
  • User
  • Guide
  • Group (LibGuides CMS Only)

This list in the Tools area allows you to easily grab any feed you want, whether you want to add it to your own feed reader or share it with someone else.

Note: Only new items appear in the feed. (New boxes, new pages, etc.) Neither new content added to an already existing box nor edits to existing content will not appear in the feed.


Link Checker

Link Checker

The Link Checker is automatically on for every user in the system. It's a great (and easy) way to see if your guides contain any broken links!

Each week, our link checker checks the validity of links in:

  • Simple Web Links boxes;
  • Links & Lists boxes;
  • Books from the Catalog boxes;
  • RSS Feed boxes;
  • Podcast Feed boxes;
  • Dates & Events boxes;
  • User Submitted Links boxes;
  • and Interactive Polls boxes.

You can see the report just for your guides or see the list for all guides in your system, and you can filter by publication status.

There are times when you will get false positives in your report. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to prevent this. Please see this FAQ for an explanation: http://guidefaq.com/a.php?qid=22116

Is our link checker affecting your catalog? We can set it so it doesn't check links to your catalog anymore. Just email support [at] springshare [dot] com with a list of domains to exclude and request that they be added to the exclusion list for the link checker.

Please note that the link checker cannot check links in other box types, or in the "Add/Edit Text" area for any box type:

Indicating the Rich Text box




Adding the bookmarklet to your browser allows you to easily & quickly add links to your guides.

Find a website you think would be really helpful to your users? Add it!

  • Click on the "Post to <your system name>" link in your bookmarks.
  • If you aren't logged in, you'll be prompted to log in.
  • Choose the guide and box where you want to add the link (or create a new box).
  • Fill out the form, and that's it! Your new link is now on your guide.

Easy, right? Go add the bookmarklet to your browser and get linking!


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