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This group documentation site is shutting down on March 31, 2018.

LibGuides v1 is shutting down, so this documentation site will be shut down. If you need LibAnswers v1 documentation, some can be found at


Updating to LibAnswers v2  

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Why Update?

LibAnswers v2 has an amazing range of new functionality that we know you'll want to take advantage of and a super simple updating process! Here's our original post announcing LibAnswers v2, so you can get an idea of the functionality...though it's only gotten better and better since then! Several links below are to update blog posts for various pieces of functionality.


Request Your v2 Site

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to request your v2 site!

  1. Log into your LibAnswers v1 site.
  2. Click the LibAnswers v2 Beta Request button (top left corner).
  3. Read through the information on the page & click Submit!

Your "beta" site becomes your live site. it's just called "beta" because that's where you're learning / working before making the site live!


Check Your Platform Status

In order to provide the best user experience and streamlined workflows, LibAnswers v2 was built with integration in mind. This means v2 now includes all of our formerly optional modules (sms, reference analytics, LibChat) plus a whole lot more (groups, queues, etc.).

To migrate to LibAnswers v2, your library must subscribe to the full LibAnswers Platform.


Q. I don't know if I'm a platform or a la carte LibAnswers user. How do I find out?
Log in to your LibAnswers v1 system and select Admin stuff > System Settings. In the top section of the System-Wide Settings tab, you'll see a message outlining your level of subscription.

Q. I am a platform LibAnswers user! What do I need to know?
Good news indeed! Check out the information we have available inside your v1 system. Click on the 'Request a Beta Site' button to either request a Beta site or if you already have a Beta site setup, click that button to get information on migrating from v1 to v2.
Also, it's time to brainstorm on whether you need to purchase additional queues. Contact your sales consultant,, for queue pricing.

Q. I'm an a la carte LibAnswers user. What do I need to know?
You are missing out. Seriously. Of course, you’d expect us to say this, but trust us on this one - with the LibAnswers platform you’d have one system for all your reference needs, once place to go to answer all questions and manage your reference services, and tons of new features to make your life easier. Is this worth a few hundred dollars? Of course it is, so contact us at for special upgrade pricing and let’s get started on the v2 upgrade train.


Update Process

We have a more detailed guide available in our v2 documentation site - you'll have access to that as soon as your LibAnswers v2 site has been created.

If you're already using LibGuides v2, LibCal v2, LibWizard, LibInsight, or LibStaffer, you already have access! Just use your LibApps username / password to log in and see the Migrating to LibAnswers v2 guide.

The main things to remember about moving to LibAnswers v2 are:

  • We're here to help.
  • Take the time you need at every stage of the process.
  • We'll handle moving all of your content / accounts for you.
  • This is a huge opportunity to do new things - or do things differently.

Here's an outline of the process, to get you started!

  1. Request your LibAnswers v2 site. (Instructions above!)
    • No data or accounts are imported yet.
    • Site is on a temporary domain.
    • Check your platform status. (See box above.)
  2. Play with and customize the system.
    • Learn the new functionality.
    • Customize the look & feel and system settings.
    • Prepare your public page templates.
    • Take training sessions / teach your colleagues.
    Clean up your current LibCal site.
    • Weed out any unnecessary FAQs, topics, etc.
    • Remove unused accounts, etc.
  3. Prep for migration.
    • Pre-migrate your: Accounts, Public FAQ Entries, FAQ Files, LibChat Departments.
    • Clean up and prepare your Public FAQs for live use.
    • Identify all existing v1 widgets and APIs in public use. Prepare new v2 widgets to replace them.
    • Schedule your full migration date.
    • If you use a custom domain, ask your IT team to change the DNS record on the day you scheduled your full migration.
  4. Migration time!
    • All Statistics, Private Questions, Reference Analytics datasets are migrated.
    • Incoming Email Address and SMS number transferred to your default Queue.
    • Your v1 domain is transferred to your v2 site.
    • Your v1 site content is transferred to a temporary domain (format:, where xxx = your site IID).
  5. Post-migration
    • Confirm your domain points to your v2 site.
    • Switch all of your widgets out for new versions; update all API calls.
    • Your v1 site remains available for 3 months.

Remember, we're here for you along the way, and the guide in our v2 documentation site discusses each of these stages in more detail!


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