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This is the "Edit Your Profile Box" page of the "Introduction to LibGuides (v1)" guide.
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Introduction to LibGuides (v1)   Tags: welcomelg  

Getting started with creating your content in the system.
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2015 URL: http://help.springshare.com/introlg Print Guide RSS UpdatesEmail Alerts

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Editing is Easy!

It's easy to customize your profile!
If you'd like to see profile editing in action, watch the video below. :)

  1. From the Dashboard, click the edit link in the upper right corner of your profile box. Or click Edit My Account, then the Customize Profile Box tab.
    ways to get to the edit page for your profile
  2. Make any changes you want, including adding chat widget code.

    Click the gray bars to edit the fields in that section.
    If no Additional Fields have been defined, that section will not open up.

    Click to see a screen shot of the Customize Profile box.
  3. Click Save Profile

Watch: Customizing Your Profile

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Help & Tips for Profile Fields

  • Your default profile will appear on every new guide/page you create.
  • Any of the fields below can accomodate HTML tags. Line break or paragraph tags aren't necessary, but you can add bold or italics tags, links, etc., to customize your information.
Profile Box Title

Appears at the top of your profile box.

The title can be anything you want! "Subject Guide", "Reference Librarian", "Master of the Universe"...you get the idea!

Profile Image

Say cheese!

Select "Use a file from my computer" to upload an image.
It will be uploaded when you save your profile.
Uploading a new photo will delete any previous photos.

You can only have 1 image for your profile box. You can change it at anytime, but you cannot have different images in different places. Sorry!

Max width: 140px
Max height:  200px

Display Name

Type your name exactly how you want people to see it.
If you have a fancy title, add that, too...why not? You worked hard for it!


Enter the email address or contact URL for your profile.

If you don't want your email address to be clickable, add it to the Contact Info field instead. 


Enter the full URL of your website or blog.

Contact Info

Enter any contact information you wish.

Subject Specialty

Separate the subjects with commas and the system will make them into searchable keywords!

The system matches on subject categories first, then searches guide titles.

Chat Widget Code

Add chat widget code from any external chat product (e.g. Meebo, Library H3lp, QuestionPoint, etc.).

Max width: 190px
Max characters: 255 

Appt Scheduler

The LibCal appointment widget allows folks to easily book apptments with you by choosing among the free time slots.

Note: a LibCal subscription is required to use this feature.
Learn more about LibCal 

Additional Fields

Your system administrator can define up to 5 additional fields to use however you want!

Once they're defined, add any information you want to these fields...including widgets (like LibraryThing, etc.).

Max characters: 500 per field.

IM/Network Usernames

Add your (or your library's) usernames for any (or all) of the various IM or social networking sites listed in this section.

Wherever you add a username, that site's icon will appear below your Display Name in your profile, linking folks out to your account (social netowrking sites) or providing them with your username (IM).



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