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* Updating to LibGuides v2 (and Going Live!)  

An overview of moving to LibGuides v2, along with an FAQ and instructions on requesting your v2 site.
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Question mark iconI'm nervous / scared about moving to v2. It seems like it's going to be a very difficult process!

Don't be scared - it's way more fun to be excited!

Our documentation - in our v2 support site (which you will get access to after you've gotten your beta site) and on the migration page in our v1 system - outlines the process completely, so there are no surprises. In addition, we have a migration training session, so you can see it in action before you take the plunge.

Of course, we're also here for you. If you take the training session and read through the documentation and still have questions, let us know!

Question mark iconHow long will migration take?

Once we start running the scripts, it should only take a few hours. Actual run time depends on how much content is in your LibGuides v1 system.

Question mark iconWill my site (either v1 or v2) be unavailable during migration?

Yes and no. ;)

Your LibGuides v2 site will not be available during the migration.

Your LibGuides v1 site will be available. Any changes to your v1 site after 1am U.S. Central time the day of your migration will not be migrated.

This is to ensure that the migration scripts don't get confused / fail because of database changes (because of guide updates, etc.) being made at the same time as it's trying to copy that content to the new database.

Question mark iconWhat will / will not transfer from LibGuides v1 to LibGuides v2?

There are more FAQs below this table regarding details for accounts and guide content, so keep reading after you look over the table!

Will be MigratedWill Not be Migrated
All User Accounts (except collaborators- technically not a full account type in v2)
Note: NO profile information / images are migrated.
System / Group Banner Images
All Guides / Most Guide Content (See Will Not be Migrated list for content that will not be migrated.) System / Group Custom HEAD Code
Statistics (happens just before going live) System / Group Custom Header Code
Images in the Image Manager (except images from deleted v1 accounts) System / Group Custom Footer Code
Subjects Printer Friendly Custom HEAD Code
Tags Printer Friendly Custom Header Code
Friendly URLs Printer Friendly Custom Footer Code
Groups (LibGuides CMS Only) Tab / Box Color Choices
Resource Icons Custom Analytics Code
Access Rules (LibGuides CMS Only) System / Group Homepage Options
Language Options Admin Alert Box Content
E-Reserves These Box Types:
  • Table of Contents (Switch to side nav template post migration.)
  • LibAnswers (Is a v2 content type, but only for LibAnswers v2; manual addition of LibAnswers v1 widgets will need to happen.)
  • Surveys (Is a v2 content type - LibWizard - but v1 content will not transfer; it needs to be rebuilt in LibWizard.)
  • Events (No equivalent in v2; if you have LibCal, add LibCal widgets via the Media / Widget content item.)
  • Delicious (Integrate Delicious widgets via Media / Widget content item post migration.)
  • User Link Submission (No equivalent in v2.)
  • Feedback (No equivalent in v2.)
Remote Scripts
  • If you migrated before 2016-05-23: they became widget assets, and an iFrame tag points to the original script URL
  • If you migrate on or after 2016-05-23, they get added to v2 as remote script assets.

Comments / Discussion Boards
We are working on how to add these to the v2 system. Use of this functionality was about 0.25% (yes, a quarter of 1 percent) or less, so we're discussing alternate functionality.

Discussion Boards are now available with LibGuides CMS. Content will not migrate but you are able to create new boards at the guide and System level.

Content from Mobile Site Builder (will need to be recreated in v2's MSite Builder)

  Forms & Surveys (being replaced with LibWizard)
  Images from Deleted v1 Account Image Libraries (Accounts deleted at any point prior to migration.)
Profile information/ images.

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Question mark iconWill the migration overwrite any of the content I’ve already added to my LibGuides v2 site?

Nope, it’ll just add new content. Anything you added before the migration will remain. :)

Question mark iconI've heard that my guides will go missing if I move to v2. Is that true?

Not even a little! We transfer all of your content, so long as that content is in the system as of 1am Central on the day of your migration. (You may need to use a time zone converter to see what time 1am Central is in your time zone.)

If you added or changed content after 1am Central the day of your migration, that content will not transfer. You will need to recreate it in your v2 system.

If (by some strange occurrence) anything is missing (that was created before 1am Central the day of your migration), all you have to do is let us know and we'll get to the bottom of it! Your v1 data hasn't gone anywhere, so nothing is ever really "lost".

Also, be sure you reference the table above to see if something did not transfer because we intentionally did not transfer it.

Question mark iconWhat if I already created accounts in my LibGuides v2 system? And what account info gets migrated?

No worries! If the user’s account already exists in your v2 site, the migration will simply match up the account IDs between v1 and v2 systems so guides, etc., continue to be associated with the right account as they’re brought in.

Of course, this assumes a 1:1 match! If your v2 username is different from the one in your v1 system, it will not match and a second account will be created. So, as long as you use the same email address for your username in both sites, you’ll be all set!

As for what gets migrated: name, password, user level, profile information except: office hours, badges, custom boxes.

User Levels: LibGuides v1 Librarian and Regular account levels = LibGuides v2 Regular account level.

Password: You will use your LibGuides v1 password the first time, then will be asked to reset your password to meet the new password requirements in LibGuides v2.

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Question mark iconWill guide content from v1 be added as the same content “type” in v2?

Yes! If you have a Links & Lists or Simple Web Links box in v1, that will be added as a Standard box with Link content items in v2. The same is true for books, documents & files, media / widgets, etc.

Rich text content will be added as the rich text content type in a Standard box as well. What will not happen is automatic translation of links within rich text areas into Link content items. (Links will still exist!! They just will not be Link content types / assets.) If you want links within Rich Text areas to become Link assets, you will need to make that change manually after migration is complete.

Admin level users will be able to designate which links in their v1 system should be imported into their v2 systems as Database content items.

If you have created tabbed boxes or boxes of rotating images using code from our FAQs or other code you created, those will not transfer into the system using the new Tabbed Box or Gallery Box types. They will continue to be Rich Text areas. Converting them to the equivalent box types is a manual change you’ll need to make after migration is complete.

Content will be copied in box for box. Any combining of content into one larger box will need to be done manually after migration is complete.

Question mark iconShould I start creating Databases in the Assets > A-Z Database List area before migration?

You'd be better off waiting for the migration to happen than creating things ahead of time!

Why? Because Admin level users can designate which links from your guides should be imported as Database assets, which will do a couple of things:

  1. Populate the Database Asset area in the system, thereby populating the public A-Z Database page.
  2. Import the links in guides (only those added in link box types) as Database asset types, thereby mapping those content items to the main Assets area. (Custom descriptions will remain in tact.)

What the migration is not going to do is relate these URLs to existing URLs in your v2 system. So if you add a bunch of Database assets ahead of time, you'll end up with doubles. :/

So, your best bet is to focus on getting your v1 system ready for migration instead! :)

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Question mark iconWill my linked content remain linked after the migration?

Yes! Anything that has been reused > linked (mapped) in LibGuides v1 will continue to be mapped after migration into LibGuides v2.

In addition, there are a few other things that will happen automatically during migration, in terms of mapping:

  • As mentioned, links in link boxes will automatically be converted to Database assets, if the link URL matches the URL of a Database Asset existing in the system. (Custom descriptions will remain in tact.)
  • If any other link, book, media/widget, file, etc. - anything that is not in a Rich Text content area - matches exactly with an item previously added during the migration, it will become a mapped version of that existing asset. It has to match exactly on every field for this to happen.
  • If any other link, book, media / widget, file, etc. - anything that is not a Rich Text content area - does not match exactly with an item previously added during the migration, it will become a new asset in the system.

​You'll notice the caveat about Rich Text content areas. Those are not added as "assets" to the system, so they will not appear as assets in your Content > Assets list. You can still reuse them by reusing (mapping or copying) boxes.

Question mark iconWhat about my statistics? What happens to statistics between content migration and going live?

Not to worry! We hold off on migrating statistics until you go live.

Question mark iconWill my LibGuides URL change when we go live with LibGuides v2?

Nope! Whatever URL you're using for your LibGuides v1 system will become your URL for your LibGuides v2 system once you're ready to go live. More info on this process will be on the Taking LibGuides v2 Live page on the Migration guide in the v2 support system*.

Question mark iconWill my Form & Surveys content transfer to LibGuides v2?

Nope! As outlined in the "What will / will not transfer..." FAQ, LibGuides CMS v1 Surveys content will not be migrated. LibWizard is taking the place of the v1 Survey functionality, so all v1 forms will need to be rebuilt in LibWizard.

The underlying data structure changed dramatically between v1 Surveys and LibWizard in order to make it a much more flexible (and super-awesome!) tool, which is why the content will not transfer. We recommend exporting previous form & survey submissions from v1 after going live with v2. Your v1 site will be active (at a different URL) for 6 months after going live with v2, so you'll have plenty of time to download those survey results!

* You will have access to our v2 support system as soon as your v2 site is created. Just click Help in the orange command bar when logged into your site, or go to and log in with your LibApps username / password.

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